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Cherokee America
Cherokee America is a post- Civil War epic of the American frontier set in the old Cherokee Nation West. The main character, Check Singer, is a wealthy farmer, mother of five boys, and soon-to-be widow. She's at the center of of big trouble -- several people have gone missing, others are out hunting for gold , and more than one gets killed in an unfortunate way. This comic story of Indians, white people, and freed Blacks explores the bonds forged by shared painful history, blood, and frontier realities.

Maud's Line has been selected as a Finalist for the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Although the protagonist, Maud, is eighteen years old, the novel is written for adults, not for a YA audience.

Maud's Line
Maudís Line is set in 1928, a year after the worst flood in American memory and a year before the stock market crash and the start of the Great Depression. The heroine, Maud Nail, lives at the end of a lane at the end of a section line on Indian allotment land. She shares her home with her father, Mustard, who canít stay out of a fight, and her brother, Lovely, who is sensitive and in love. Maudís prospects, both for love and for living with electricity and in-door plumbing, are limited until a bright blue canvas-covered peddlerís wagon rolls down her section line and stops in her lane. The wagon, driven by Booker Wakefield, a teacher looking for adventure on summer break, is loaded with trinkets, necessities, and books. Maud, who is a reader, is taken both with the peddler and his merchandise. But Maudís world is filled with violence and Bookerís life has been sheltered. The events of the book cause friction between them, and Maud has to take comfort where she can find it and call on her wits and reserves of strength to survive.

The Short, Sad Life of an Unsuccessful Novelist
An essay about the journey to the publication of Maud's Line. Authors Guild Bulletin. Winter, 2017:23-24.